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At Title One, Inc. we are committed to providing our clients with an array of services for all of your title and closing needs.  Our staff is experienced with most of us having over 20 years in the industry!  The process of buying a home or refinancing a mortgage may seem complicated, but our team has done thousands of transactions a year and has the know-how to make your next transaction as seamless as possible.

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Title One, Inc. is a local company offering quality title services, including (but not limited to) title searches and title insurance policies.  If you are an individual, organization or corporation wishing to purchase or transfer title on a property you will need a licensed title agency to facilitate your transaction.  Title One, Inc. is a first rate title agency and has the experience to ensure that your transactions go off without a hitch.

Our Title Insurance Process

A search of the public records is the first step of the title insurance process.  It begins with a thorough examination of all documentation that pertains to a specific piece of property in order to evaluate the condition of the title.  These documents typically include past deeds, court records, name indexes, tax rolls as well as other documentation.  The main reason to conduct this search is to evaluate the seller’s ability to sell the property.  Our search will reveal any defects or burdens on the property, including liens, easements, taxes and special assessments. 

Once the search is completed, our title examiners put a title commitment together.  This sets forth the requirements necessary to complete the transfer of title to the new owner.  Our commitment also lists all of the “exceptions” to a title, such as easements and building restrictions.

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Once the title commitment is complete we are able to start the closing procedure.   We work closely with your lender and realtor (if applicable) to gather all of the necessary documents and numbers for closing.  Prior to closing, we put out a package containing the documents necessary to transfer title and the funds necessary to do so.  At the time of closing, our friendly staff will walk you through the process and get you into your new home.

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